Marian (marianr) wrote,

Buck teeth and a double chin

It has been a couple of days since I wrote in this journal. I didn't have access to a computer during that time period.

Later on this evening, I'll write an entry about where I was and what I did.

For now, "Buck Teeth and a Double Chin" also known as "My Passport has Arrived."

I'm really quite impressed at how terrible I look in my passport photo.

I have a mild overbite, and in rare conditions (usually deliberate attempts to make stupid faces, or when my mouth is gaping open) I can manage to make a double chin.

But my passport photo not only has all the usual qualities of a identy photo (such as the drugged out pinpoint pupils of having been flashbulbed five times in the past minute) but it also manages to give me buck teeth and a double chin.

From the nose up, I look like me on a bad day. I don't remember it being a particularly bad day, but obviously it must have been. My eyes are a bit sunken with sleep shadows beneath them. My cheeks are a bit puffy like when I am having an allergy attack. And my hair is messy!

I remember sitting in the parking lot of the photo place for 20 minutes while I brushed my hair, I realize it is an uncontrollable mass of floof when I dry brush it but (not having photos) I didn't realize it was that bad. I hereby vow to be more careful when brushing my hair.

Ay yi yi!

On the up side - I have very lovely eyebrows and no visible pimples
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