Marian (marianr) wrote,


I have applied for a job as a waitress at Bennigan's.

And I went trolling through the mall for other places to fill out forms.

This is not what I want to do with my Bachelor's degree.

The interview with the manager at Bennigan's went well enough, though he seemed more interested in the program I was going to go to China with and how I hurt my leg than in whether or not I have skills that might be useful in being a first time waitress. Then again he might have just been chatty, and as my boyfriend often says "well you are awfully cute."

Ho hum

I went home afterwards, napped a bit, started rereading "Dead Until Dark" (the nice thing about mysteries is that you have to read them twice, once just to read, once knowing whodunit and to see if the author did it right.) Good book. Seems a bit derivative of the Laurell K Hamilton, Anita Blake (Vampire Executioner) story. A werewolf and a vampire competing for the attention of a very special mortal with a murder mystery going on in the background and an encounter with vampire politics.

Not so deriviative as to be bad or anything, like taking the same basic concept and making something totally different out of it. Sort of like cuskynoles.

I am especially fond of the retarded vampire
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