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marianr's Journal

11 March
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I'm Marian. If you are reading this you probably already know me.

Then again, maybe you don't.

I recieved my BA in Humanities in May 2001 from Washington College. I am interested in phonographs, and am currently restoring a c 1918 Aeolian Vocalion Graduola. This project has been temporarily placed on hold. Restoring the veneer is a great deal of effort, and planning for China is taking the time that would be spent learning how to fix 80 year old mahogany veneer.

Unlike many of my fellow afficianandos I do not collect phonographs. I collect hobbies. Interest in phonographs and other forms of mechanical music reproduction are one of my newest hobbies.

Some of my other hobbies include participation in the Baltimore Folk Music Society (BFMS). I've been somewhat involved with this group since I was born. I attended the Deer Creek Fiddler's Convention twice yearly until it folded a few years back. :(

Within BFMS I attend English Country Dancing and sing alongs. I occasionally show up at Sacred Harp sings as a non participant except on the really easy songs.

I am also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). I have been involved since 1998. I do blackwork embroidery, costuming, dancing and period cooking. As a cook, I am a member of the Bright Hills Cooks Guild.

I am a member of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS), and for the first time ever, in 2003, I will miss a Balticon. But, I'll be in China. :)

If you live in the Maryland area you should go to BookThing, and support them. Wonderful place. Description available at BookThing.Org

I'm going to China to teach English.