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It's a beautiful day

There is a song sung by Freddie Mercury that has in it somewhere the lyrics "It's a beautiful day" where he holds the notes for a very long time ... coming out as "Eeeeeeeett'ssss a BEW ta fullllllllllll DAY." Just that phrase of that song has been running through my head, since, on the way to lunch today, my mom commented "It's a beautiful day."

Of course, I can't remember any other part of the song.

We started out clothes shopping. I got a lovely sundress with machine done crewel flowers on it. There were a lot of other things at that store that might have fit me but they have that nasty chain embroidery that pulls loose so easily and ravels away so quickly once it has pulled loose. My boobs are too big for someone with shoulders my size. Nothing in normal sizes fits me. And, I'm sorry, I may be fat, but at 230 pounds I am not a size 4x.

After the clothes shopping we went to Borders Books in Towson. I got two books on how to cook Chinese food and a book on culture shock and China. There weren't any Berlitz Chinese guides, and none of the myriad travel guides I looked through had anything on the city I am going to. If you are reading this, and you happen to know anything about Shijiazhuang that I probably ought to know, tell me.

As we were leaving (before paying) we passed a section that was specifically travel journals. Quite reasonably priced for hard bound blank books. But they were all chintzy with nasty paper, though one of them was quite proud of being acid free.

As we were leaving (after paying) mom noticed a section that was all journals. Even though I am keeping an online journal (and doing pretty well at it so far) the idea of having a nice paper journal appeals to me. So I went and browsed the shelves. One of the coolest had faux handmade paper (the stuff with the specks in it) and leather covers that were stamped with celtic knotwork. However, I refuse to pay $50 for an empty book.

The one which I have decided I am going to get (but didn't because I had already payed) has a reproduction of a Chinese watercolor on the covers ... complete with the ubiquitous red ink stamps that most Asian artwork has as cataloging. The paper is nice, not great, but nice. I'd guess it has some cotton in it, but not a whole lot. Pleasant to touch, but not something I would spent a great deal of time deliberately touching ... (Like Tangent's copy of The Three Books of the Potters Art).

The journal I have decided to purchase has no spine. Instead the quartos of paper are sewn together in a normal fashion (looks like hemp thread) and then attached to the covers which are boards. (I don't remember the exact method of attachment to the covers.) Usually this area has a piece of paper glued to it, and then a piece of cloth (or leather) bound tightly over the top. Something I especially like is that it has a distinctive look, even on the shelf, so I'll be able to know what book it is.

Onwards to lunch at Holy Frijoles.

Then helping the motorist.

Then Bennigans for my interview.

Which didn't happen because the people who set me up for a second interview are at a different Bennigans. When I kept saying "But I'm sure the man who interviewed me on Monday was named David, are you positive you have no Davids there" they ought to have said, "oh, that is the other local franchise, which is in fact owned by the same people who own us, David is their general manager." Okay, this is expecting a lot, but given that the kitchen manager at the Bennigans I am trying to get a job at knew that the Chris I was talking about is the general manager at the Snowden River Parkway Bennigans I don't think I am too too out of line in wishing this were so.

So I get given Ty's name and phone number and told to call after 5pm.

I walk across the street to the McDonalds where my mom is whiling away the time that I am supposed to be in an interview. This street crossing thing really impresses her, cause the street is 8 lanes wide. However, there is a median strip, and red lights, and drivers tend to be less likely to hit you when you are staring them in the face.

On to the Goodwill, where I get myself a very cool lace top, and a free size ankle length skirt with bells. I like skirts with bells.

I call Ty from Bennigans after 5pm and go in for an interview around 8pm.

I decide to wear my new sundress which surprises the hell out of my dad, who is used to me wearing ankle length skirts. I don't think I have worn a skirt shorter than calf length since at least Darkover (November) and probably Balticon before last (Memorial Day 2001). When standing still, this dress ends 1 1/2 inches above my knees.

Of course, this interview is supposed to be a two person interview (Ty and David) but David doesn't work Thursday nights. So Ty interviews me, takes notes, and says that he'll compare notes with David tomorrow and call me around 5:30pm to update me.

I've got my fingers crossed.

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