Marian (marianr) wrote,

Getting into the habit

Of writing in my journal.

I have never kept a journal for much longer than a few weeks if that. I have come across a dozen or more childhood journals and diaries that I was given to write in. They contain one or two real entries and then shorter and shorter entries until they peter out into messages like "Dear Diary, sorry I forgot to write for the last two weeks." And eventually no entries at all.

I sent email to my first boyfriend nearly every day. When he stopped responding completely and I could no longer write to him, one of the things I missed was having a sounding board for my feelings and thoughts of the day. Writing to no one at all was a complete bust, it didn' t have the same feel. And writing messages that were theoretically to him but that I didn't actually intend to send always turned into speculative rambles about the nature of my former relationship. They were never about things I did that very day. And having a way to constantly write about things I did that very day was nice.

So I started a journal.

And like every childhood journal that had preceeded it, the journal of my college days slowly got shorter and shorter messages until it got no messages at all.

I am really hoping that I will manage to continue to keep this journal updated.

I know a lot of people are going to want progress reports on what's goin' on while I'm in China.

And keeping a journal with periodic updates seems the best way to do that.


Today was the BSFS picnic (Baltimore Science Fiction Society).

While I was there I read Robert Aspirin's new MYTH book.

And I drank too much caffeinated soda, which is why I am up at 3:48 am.

And I had a good time.


How is it I can write interesting sounding things (at least to me) when I am being introspective about the habit of writing, but when actually trying to write about something which was interesting (really) it comes out like an elementary school student's essay "What I did on my Summer vacation"?

Perhaps it will come with practice?

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